Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Partying with a Toddler: There's no better thing

Being a young dad, I am still inclined to party every so often. So this weekend offered the perfect opportunity to get together with friends, eat some food and enjoy some football.

The Super Bowl is a chance for football fans and non-football fans to enjoy each others company, socialize and shush each other during the commercials (can we not concentrate on the game instead?).

Our get together consisted of three men, three women, and two toddlers. Although we cooked a large meal and some of us had a few beers, the party was quite mellow. The children took much of the attention off the game and my daughter provided many laughs for everyone who attended. It was the first Super Bowl party I attended that had a tea party.

Since having a child, two major things have changed within my life:
  1. I enjoy a long sleep
  2. My night life has settled substantially

This is not necessarily a bad thing. The choice to go out and party in a smelly, sweaty and loud bar or hang out with my daughter playing, dancing and singing is hardly a choice at all. Although the smelly bar is appealing...my daughter is the best part of my life.

Party with a toddler can still be done but caution must be taken. Remember you are still a parent and your child is watching you at all times. Set an example.


  1. For starters, your daughter is so adorable. I think if more young dads thought like you did there wouldn't be half the number of single moms there are today. I guess just like you said we must set an example for our kids, you set an example for young dads.

  2. Brett, Your daughter is beautiful.

    It's so nice how you naturally chose to set an example for your daughter and spend time with her rather than hang out at a bar.

  3. You think that is adorable you should see the picture with me and her dress up in the costumes.

  4. I agree with everyone who has commented, your little girl is the sweetest little thing!
    And I also have experienced some of the most memorable dinner parties where young children are in attendance. While things might run as smooth as parties sans toddlers, you will rarely laugh so freely as you do when a precious little thing says something unexpected or puts on a little show, as kids do. It's something that I look forward to whenever I have my own child.