Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fun in the Snow

Living in Canada has always allowed me to enjoy winter activities. Whether it is hockey, skating, building snowmen or having a good old fasion snowball fight, I have always loved winter.

This winter has been realitively uneventful as far as a good snow fall. Although that is definitely good for the long driving that I have been doing, I have not been able to spend quality time in the snow with my toddler. Alyssa loves being outside. She can often be found at the window just looking outside. Whenever she gets a chance to go outside she becomes so excited. "Outside please Daddy?"

Yesterday, as luck would have it, we had a great snowfall. Like the great Clark Griswold, I am always looking for a great family adventure. Bundling up in our snowgear and entering into the great outdoors would provide ample opportunity for winter family fun.

We decided to get out the toboggan and go for a ride. Alyssa loved the experience. We live on a partial hill that is the perfect size for a toddler. This allowed Alyssa to gain a sense of independence by going down the hill all by her self. She was so proud of herself.

A toddler does get bored fairly quickly. They need to change activities normally after about 10 minutes. We decided we would make a snowman and roll in the snow. This did eventually turn into a snowball fight and Alyssa laughed and laughed when she was able to pick up the snow and throw it at Daddy and Mommy.

We did eventually get cold and decided to go inside to warm up with some hot chocolate. When I suggested this to Alyssa, she said, "No chocolate for Alyssa Daddy." She decided she would just have some warm milk.

Having fun in the snow is great for families. Going outside is free and families can have lots of fun. Be creative and enjoy the outdoors.

If you are interested in more winter activities for your family check out Today's Parent list of Winter Fun for the Family.

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  1. The great outdoors. I am glad to see Alyssa gets outside. Physcially activity is something better ingrained in the young. I have never really understood where the myth "children will catch colds in the cold" came from.

    My best memories of my Dad are on the toboggan hill and skating on the pond. I cannot say I enjoyed the summer fishing outings as much. They went downhill when he taught me to scale fish.

    If we were outside we were always having fun. I am sure it is no coincidence I was healthier and lighter than my friends who were not allowed out because it was too cold, too rainy, too sunny or too inconvenient.