Tuesday, March 2, 2010

1,2,3 Run

Physical activity is key for people of all ages. But, as I have discovered, toddlers need physical activity to survive.

Alyssa's favourite thing to do is to run up and down our hallway. We stand at one end of the hall, she says "1,2,3...Go" and we are off. She can do this for up to 20 minutes or until we are tired (Alyssa never tires). We often will race and no matter who gets to the finish line first she always says "I win." The only difficulty we have found with this activity is that you need to have non-skid socks on Alyssa's feet. She has on occasion slipped because of her socks.

Children need physical activity. It helps them burn off energy and makes it an easier transition to a bed time. A report suggests that people need 60 minutes of physical activity every day in order to remain healthy. I believe children need more. Turn off the TV and play with your children.

As a young father, I am able to play with my child. I hope as I grow older, I hope that I still have the energy to keep up with Alyssa.


  1. Good post...I completely agree. I find that a lot of parents throw their kids in front of the tv when they start to get hyper instead of letting them get it out in a little activity. And hey, the bonus is that you get a little activity too.

  2. Unfortunately, many parents do not think like you do, Brett. Because of lack of exercise and heathy food children are getting fat and having diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Exercising with your daughter will not only bring benefits to her physical health, but also to her emotional health. Alyssa will be a better person when she grows up knowing that her father took the time to play with her (cared about her). In my opinion, taking the time to spend with your child means you love her a lot. And, I am sure she will never forget that.

    When you grow older, you will have the energy to keep up with Alyssa because your love for her will give you an extra "fuel" to keep exercising (even though you might think you can't do it anymore). Keep exercising, Brett! You are a great father!

  3. Running for 20 min straight? I would die hahaha. What a great workout though. Awee but your post is very insightful Brett. I hope if I ever have children, that I will stay in shape so I can BE in shape to keep up with my child.

  4. I believe that Alyssa always does win!

  5. That is so cute how Alyssa says "I win!" every time. Adorable. This reminds me of playing at my Grandparents house with my cousins. They also had a long hallway that we would use as a play room. It was carpeted so we didn't have to worry about slippery socks when running, but mostly we used the hallway for putting practice. My Grandparents were big golf fans and had a practice "hole" and golf ball with a putter that we would all share and take turns with. No matter how small or tall we were at the time we would all use the same one. As you can imagine most of us still play golf.

  6. I am so glad that Alyssa wins everytime. What a great Dad!
    I agree whole-heartedly, some of the most important daily rituals of a young childs like should be physical activity. I think in this day and age, a lot of parents seem to lose sight of this. I'm glad that you take the time to make sure your daughter is tiring you out, that means you're being a good parent! Best of luck Brett!