Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Haircut

Recently, Alyssa had a haircut. The staff at Tangles in Hamilton are great. They enjoy when Alyssa comes in and are great with children. Lori makes it enjoyable for not only the child, but also for the parents. An easy going attitude will take away any stress for the parents. Alyssa sat in the chair and allowed Lori to cut and style her hair. After we were done we had to go to her "school" (daycare) and show off the new style to all her friends. She had such a great time at the hairdresser and enjoyed her day with her dad.

The day did remind me of Alyssa's first haircut. A child's first haircut is very important to parents. It seems to be a milestone in a child's life. Parents will typically both go and have the hairdresser cut the slightest amount of hair off their child's head. The first haircut can happen within the first few months if your child has enough hair or, as in Alyssa's case, the first hair cut can be when the child is much older. Alyssa was over 16 months old at her first one. This was because she had very little hair as a baby and we thought, "Why cut off the little hair she has?" Also, at the time Alyssa was born, I was growing my hair long. We had a hair growing contest. I won.

The first haircut is an experience all to itself. There is nervousness of the parents, the nervousness of the hairdresser and the nervousness of the child to consider. Alyssa had a great experience on her first cut. Although the hairdresser only cut less than an inch off her hair, Alyssa enjoyed the overall experience.

Parents will often keep the hair from their child's first cut. I find this weird. Why do I want to store hair in my house? But, to each their own.

Everyone enjoys getting their hair cut and styled. It is important to your child to make sure they experience all life has to offer. Spending the day with your child getting their hair done can be a great experience for not only your child, but for you.


  1. My mom is weird, she kept my hair from my first hair cut.
    But she never kept my brothers.
    Anyway in London they have special salons for kids and its zoo themed, it looks pretty cool.

  2. My mom kept my hair from my first haircut too! I think it's pretty gross. Alex, you're obviously the favourite child.

  3. My mom told me that I should keep the hair too. I still think its weird

  4. My mom def did not keep my hair. I am the youngest. And don't cut her hair to much I love pony tails on little girls!

  5. My hair was always long as a child, and I guess nothing has changed. But what I can say about being a young girl with long hair, it's a problem. Everyday I would come home looking like a rag doll, more like a boy than a girl. My advice keep it a little shorter when they are young - but not too short!