Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Golf with Babies

I went to event for GenNext recently and I was discussing fatherhood with a soon to be father of twins. Although I could not relate to having two new babies at once, I could offer my insight into fatherhood. I discussed with him my feelings about having children in you life and all the wonderful things he will experience in the first few months of his children's lives.

As the discussion progress he offered an idea that I was highly intrigued by. He said that the only activity he does besides work is golf. He proposed to his wife to let him take the two newborns to the driving range and hit a few balls.

I know what your thinking, "How could anyone take their child to a driving range?"
"What mother would ever agree to that?"

I however believe this is a great idea. Here are my reason why:
  1. By taking the children out, the mother receives a much needed rest. The mother can get the sleep she deserves. By getting a few hours without having to care for a child who depends on you for survival will allow her to have a break. A mother who is well rested is a happier mother.
  2. A newborn baby sleeps a lot. The baby is able to sleep while the dad works on his golf game. If the baby wakes up and starts crying, the dad can easily stop on the driving range. This idea would not work on an actual golf course because it would hold up fellow golfers.
  3. The children and the father will be able to bond. Children need some alone time with the father. By going to the driving range a bond can develop over one of the fathers interests
Let me know what you think.


  1. why not? It's not like he took them to the bar and them bottles of Baby Duck...

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  3. A newborn baby at a driving range? Personally, I don't think this is a very good idea. I do, however, think bringing a toddler to the driving range is a great idea. You never know, they could end up being a child prodigy!

  4. Hey, babies on a golf course would be much more well behaved than some of the drunk golfers I have seen. Their wardrobes would most likely be less offensive on the eyes than those guys who think they look like Payne Stewart.

    I agree that men need more time with their kids than society traditionally thought.

    I am beginning to realize how lucky Alyssa actually is. Your a good man, Bret.

  5. Although I don't have kids, I agree that parenting is a partnership and that everyone needs a break. If one parent never has any alone time to regroup I can imagine how stressful that would become. As for the driving range, only if there's no chance of them being hit! lol. Mom would not be happy if that occurred.

  6. Is it any surprise that I totally approve of this? Yes! Taking a child to the driving range sounds good to me. Maybe not a newborn... but still. I think that children generally are intrugued by watching someone be able to hit a tiny ball over 300 feet. Getting kids into the game at a young age, only improves their ability in the future. Afterall, look at how young Tiger started out as.

    Have you hear of the young "Kyle"...(I forget his last name) But this young boy Kyle, who is blind in one eye, is about 4 or 5 years old... he has the exact same swing as Tiger woods, when he was young, and is looking to be a promising player in the future. Youtube it, and you'll see some of his videos, he is truly inspiring.

    "Thumbs up to golf."

  7. Taking a toddler would definitely be harder than a newborn. The newborn will stay in one place whereas you would need to watch the toddler. Flying balls and swinging clubs do not necessarily go with the toddler lifestyle.

  8. I agree babies on the range is a great idea! As long as they aren't crying then you have to remove them and golfers are trying to concentrate and fix that slice. And yes toddlers would be harder to control...